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Features That Offer Direct Added Value.

The freight forwarding software from Logistiqo offers you numerous options and possibilities combined in one web-based full solution. In addition, all functions can be used in a structured, integrated manner, without any module chaos. You can self-configure many functions, the consignment input mask for example, specifically for your needs. This enables you to offer direct added value.
You will find detailed information about all functions in the following.

App for Drivers and Warehousing

Order Processing allows you to record and process all consignments. Your orders can be automatically imported swiftly and easily, or your customer enters their orders directly via the customer portal. You have various options available for the further procedure. You can either transmit the order directly to your driver’s app or plan it in a route, for example.

Dispatching and Route Optimisation are also available in the forwarding software. This function makes it possible to plan routes in seconds with an unlimited number of stops. The intuitive route optimisation tells you the most advisable route, enabling you to make the most stops. However, if you wish to adapt the route afterwards, you can individually adjust the sequence of stops via drag & drop.

You keep a constant eye on your warehouse stocks with our logistics software. There are two variants of Warehouse Management at your disposal. First, you can use the Logistiqo forwarding program for one or more transshipment warehouses; second, it can be used for product warehouses with chaotic warehousing.

A further function of the forwarding software from Logistiqo is Telematics and GPS. With its assistance you can see the present location of your vehicles and drivers. You can utilise this function either via the Logistiqo app or by making use of our interfaces to the telematics provider.

Your documents and files can be deposited and managed with ease in Document Management. This provides you with flexibility, enabling you to access your documents any place, any time. You can send the files to your customers by e-mail or share them in the Logistiqo customer portal. A further function in Document Management is the uploading of photos to the app. Your drivers can simply take photographs of the documents – freight papers, for example – and then instantly save them in the app.

The Loading Equipment Management function provides you with an overview of all loading equipment procedures. Your load carriers can be comprehensively organised and accounted for with the aid of Logistiqo. Invoices and credit notes for loading equipment can be quickly compiled in two clicks.

Accounting enables you to manage your invoices, reminders and payments. You can have the invoices sent to your customers automatically following delivery confirmation, or alternatively you can send them manually straight out of the forwarding software.

Durch die Real-time Analysis enables you to obtain findings concerning performance within your company and capture trends in good time. This way, you can view the current status of your bookkeeping at any moment.

As a specialist in forwarding software, we offer you comprehensive know-how and excellent customer service. Our forwarding program is subject to permanent continuous development as we strive to stay innovative and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Are Pleased to Be of Assistance.

  • Can I use Logistiqo on a Mac?

    You can use Logistiqo on all computers, including a Mac. There is no need to install any plug-ins or other programs on your computer in order to utilise the forwarding software. The only thing you need is a browser, which you will use to log into Logistiqo.

  • Does the program have multiple client capability?

    Logistiqo has multiple client capability throughout. That means you can work in the forwarding software with as many of your own firms as you like.

  • In what languages can I use Logistiqo?

    Logistiqo is on offer in numerous languages. The forwarding program is on offer in English, German, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Croatian and many more. The individual user can decide what language he wants to work with.

  • Is there a manual or FAQ for the forwarding software?

    Logistiqo comprises an FAQ containing more than one hundred questions and answers and explanatory videos on processes in the forwarding program and various other topics.
    Thanks to the full text search in the FAQ, you will always find the right answer to your question. Functions, such as the creating of consignments or dispatching for example, are explained in detail in the explanatory videos.

  • Where is my data stored?

    Your data are stored on a server in a professionally run data centre in Frankfurt, Germany.
    Feel free to contact us for more info on this subject.

  • Do I need to purchase further modules in order to be able to utilise the full forwarding software?

    No, you do not have to additionally book or purchase any modules. Logistiqo represents a full solution. With the exception of a handful of additional functions in the warehousing area, which need to be paid for, all functions are included in the program and you can utilise the entire logistics program.

Your Benefits

The Pros of Logistiqo.

Swift Availability

Register and get working. Regardless of whether you use Logistiqo® for direct deliveries or a warehouse – you will benefit from swift availability. No time-consuming installation is necessary.

Attractive Rental Model

You rent Logistiqo® at attractive and transparent prices. Find out more about the prices yourself or give us a call at +49 (0) 8064 9060090 to find out more about our attractive prices

Remote Working

Home office, vacation, relocation? No problem! With Logistiqo® you are location-independent. You simply log in via a browser and start working parallel and independently with your team.

Automatic Updates

Logistiqo® undergoes constant evolution by means of weekly updates, and virtually all newly developed functions are instantly available to you and all other registered users.

Interested in hearing about the opportunities and possibilities that Logistiqo® opens up for your company?
Then get in touch with us and obtain free and non-binding information about our forwarding software.

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