Telematics and GPS

Transparency concerning what, when and where.

Vehicle and driver tracking

Save time-consuming telephone calls with your drivers.

Telematik & GPS

The logistics sector is reliant upon permanent exchange of information. What vehicle is located where? What is the delivery status? When is the driver able to perform the next order? What is the ideal route to the destination?

Until now, it was only possible to clarify all these questions during the daily course of business on the basis of countless telephone calls. In contrast, Logistiqo offers a solution whereby daily harmonisation activities can be organised more simply, securely and manageably using a web-based logistics platform with the assistance of modern telematics systems and the Logistiqo app.

With Logistiqo you know the current locations of your vehicles and drivers at any time and can see the routes driven on a map at a glance.
To do this, you can use the Logistiqo app or call on the assistance of our interfaces to telematics providers, for example TomTom. Orders and routes are transmitted to the Logistiqo app on the telematics systems and directly processed within them. Drivers or sub-contractors simply download the Logistiqo app from the Google Play Store. Next, they can log in, get consignments sent to the app, and obtain satellite navigation to the destination. The current position and numerous other details, such as, for example, the vehicle’s current km status, can be checked in real time on the map or on the planning board.

Features & Benefits

Telematics functionality

Track vehicles and drivers on the map via GPS
Detect and evaluate route progress, respectively route driven on the map, for example speed and current time
CAN-BUS interface
TomTom interface
Navigation in the app
Message transmission
Android app for status transmission and signatures and photos
Current kilometre status of vehicles

The benefits of Logistiqo

Networking is so easy.

The benefits of Logistiqo are obvious. Comprehensive functions cover all areas of a modern logistics company, thereby rendering additional systems obsolete. The web-based platform makes Logistiqo particularly universal and secure, as access takes place via web browser. At the same time you no longer have to worry about data security, as servers and backups are provided by Logistiqo.

The intuitive way of working saves elaborate and costly training sessions. Following registration and set-up your employees are able to enjoy the benefits of Logistiqo straight away. This future-oriented approach means that Logistiqo is able to offer far more comprehensive functionality at considerably lower prices compared with its competitors. At the same time, the updates included in the rental price make Logistiqo an elegant and low-maintenance system, as you have no need to worry about adapting to current framework conditions or new market requirements. You permanently benefit from Logistiqo’s progress. Logistiqo’s many years of experience make us a reliable and powerful partner. Simultaneously, as a young company we constantly take the pulse of the times and engage in developments and changes whenever these will be of benefit to you.

Your Benefits

The pros of Logistiqo.

Swift availability

Swift availability

Register and get working. Regardless of whether you use Logistiqo® for direct journeys or a product warehouse – you will benefit from swift provision. No complex installation necessary.

Attractive rental model

Attractive rental model

You rent Logistiqo® at attractive and transparent prices. Give us a call at +49 8064-9060090 to find out more about our attractive prices or send us an e-mail.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates

Logistiqo® undergoes constant evolution by means of updates, making virtually all newly developed functions instantly available to you and all other registered users.

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