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Install the Logistiqo app on an Android phone


To download and use the Logistiqo app, you need an Android smartphone with at least version 5.0.

  1. Install the app from Google Playstore:
    1. Click on “Playstore” on your Android smartphone.
    2. Search for “Logistiqo”.
    3. Alternatively, follow the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details ? id = de.berglund.logistiqo
    4. Click “Install” in the Play Store.
    5. After the app has been downloaded and installed, open the Logistiqo app.
    6. Then verify yourself by entering your mobile number in the following form: “01721234567”. You will now receive an SMS with a four-digit PIN code, which you must enter in the Logistiqo app.
    7. Orders from the logistics software can now be sent to the smartphone or the app.
  2. If you cannot install the app from Google PlayStore for various reasons:
    1. Select your favorite Internet browser on your Android smartphone.
    2. Call up your Logistiqo domain in the browser.
    3. Log in as administrator.
    4. Go to “System> Download App” in the menu.
    5. Click on “Logistiqo App”. The app is now downloaded to your smartphone and installed.
    6. Select the downloaded file. The Logistiqo app is now installed.
    7. Continue with 1.6.

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