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Create control questions for PDFs in the shipment type.

  1. Select in the menu under “Settings>General>Checkbox”.
  2. In the table below, choose which control questions you want to change. Then the window with the control questions opens.
  3. Click the “+” sign above the question table. A new row / control question is added to the table.
  4. Click on the pen in the new line on the far right to edit the line / control question as required. In the first column you can enter a text for the control question, in the second column you can choose how the control question can be answered: With a radio button, checkbox, free text, number or blank line (other). Then click on the tick on the right of the line to save the changes.
  5. Click on “Save” at the top of the bar to save the complete table or checkbox.
  6. In order to activate the checkbox, the checkbox must be stored in the shipment type. To do this, go to “Settings>Logistics>Shipment type” in the menu.
  7. Select a shipment type in the table.
  8. Select the checkbox you have created in the “Checkbox Left / Right” drop-down box.
  9. Finally save the shipment type. The control questions now always appear with the shipment type in the shipment mask and on various PDF printouts.

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