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In the admin console, you have various options available. Not only can you easily adjust your payment information and invoice recipient, but you can also create and view support tickets. Additionally, you get a clear overview of your invoices that you can conveniently download. Use our user-friendly admin console to efficiently manage your administrative tasks.

Login Instructions for the Admin Console:

To access the Logistiqo Admin Console, you must be registered as an administrator in the Logistiqo system.

  1. Go to “System > Admin Console” in your Logistiqo system menu or use the direct link:
  2. Log in with your existing Logistiqo username and password.

Support Ticket:

  1. Navigate to the “Support” section.
  2. The table shows an overview of your open support tickets. To view completed tickets as well, activate the “Show all” option.
  3. Create a new ticket by clicking “New.”
  4. A form for a new support ticket will open. The following fields must be filled out for smooth processing:
    1. Platform: Select the platform related to your issue:
      1. Logistiqo: Support for the program or a program feature. Additional fields for more precise classification will appear based on your selection. In the subsequent fields, choose as accurately as possible which function the support ticket concerns.
      2. Portal: Support for the customer portal.
      3. App: Support for the app.
      4. API: Support for the API.
    2. Document Number: Provide a document number if possible, as an example that allows us to reproduce your issue.
    3. Occurred at: Specify a precise time for when the issue occurred.
    4. Description: Describe your issue in your own words.
    5. Document Upload: Upload a screenshot, example PDF, or other relevant documents if necessary.
  5. Finally, save the newly created support ticket. We will address your issue as quickly and diligently as possible. You can track the status of your ticket, review the email history, and subsequently follow when the support ticket was resolved.

Invoice Management:

  1. Navigate to the “Invoice” section.
  2. In the table, you’ll see all the invoices received from Logistiqo.
  3. Select an invoice to view all details and items.
  4. Click “Print” to download or print in PDF format.

Contract Information:

  1. Go to the “Contract” section.
  2. Your lease agreement is displayed in the table. If you have multiple lease agreements for different Logistiqo systems you rent, all your contracts will be shown in the table.
  3. Select the desired contract. Here, you’ll find details about the start date, duration, and users or other contract positions. Click “Terminate Contract” to terminate the contract if needed.

Payment Settings and Invoice Recipient:

  1. Navigate to “Payment” in the menu.
  2. In this area, you have the option to edit and adjust your invoice recipient and SEPA direct debit information.

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