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This step-by-step guide explains how to manage, create and deactivate users in the web-based logistics software Logistiqo.

Create user

  1. Go to “Employees>Employees” in the menu.
  2. Create the employee for whom you then want to create user access. It is important that an e-mail address is stored for the employee, otherwise the user access cannot be created.
  3. Go to “System>Users” in the menu. Caution: This menu item can only be accessed with administrator access.
  4. Click on “New” in the toolbar.
  5. In the “Person” drop-down, select the employee who is to be created as a user. All employees that you have created under “Employees>Employees” are displayed in the drop-down menu.
  6. The employee’s e-mail address is now automatically entered in the “User name” field. If no email address was entered for the employee, the user cannot be created. If the email address is already being used for another user, the user cannot be created either.
  7. Save the user by clicking on “Save” in the toolbar.
  8. Click “File>Email User Information” to send the user their account information and allow them to set a password. A pop-up with the email will open. Click Send Message.
  9. The user has now received a registration email. The user must click the link in the email in the email to set their password. The user then has to follow the steps to register and can then log in with their access data.
Externe Benutzer/Kundenzugänge anlegen

In order to create external users, i.e. customer access, you have to proceed differently than creating internal users.

Block or disable users

  1. Go to “System>Users” in the menu.
  2. In the table below, select the user whose account you want to block.
  3. Check the “Account locked” box and save the user.
  4. The user is now disabled and can no longer log in. The user no longer appears at the bottom of the table. You can still display the user in the table by clicking on the filter symbol in the toolbar, selecting “Inactive” from the drop-down and then setting it to “Inactive”.
Abrechnung von Benutzern

Please pay attention to how many users you have created in the system, because the active users in the System or at least the number of users specified in the contract will also be billed.

Active Users/Active Sessions

  1. Go to “System>Active Sessions” in the menu.
  2. Here you can see which of the registered users is currently logged into the system and which browser the user is using.

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