Create user

  1. Go to “Contacts>Employees” in the menu.
  2. In the table below, select the employee for whom you want to create a user account or create a new employee. It is important that the selected employee has an email address, otherwise the user access cannot be created.
  3. After selecting the employee, click on “File>Create user”. An info pop-up appears that the user was successfully created with the following user name. The employee’s email address was used as the user name.
  4. Go to “System>User” in the menu. Attention: This menu item can only be called up with administrator access.
  5. Select the newly created user in the table below and check the correctness of the data and change the settings for the user if necessary.
  6. Click on “File>Send Email” to send the user their account data and give them the opportunity to set a password. A window with the mail now opens. Click on “Send” here.
  7. The user has now received a registration email. The user must now click on the link in the mail to set their password. Then the user must follow the steps and descriptions for registration and can log in at the end with his access data.

Block and deactivate users

  1. Go to “System>User” in the menu.
  2. In the table below, select the user whose account you want to block.
  3. Check the box “Account blocked” and save the user.
  4. The user is now deactivated and can no longer log in. The user no longer appears in the table below. You can still display the user in the table by clicking on the filter icon in the toolbar, selecting “Inactive” in the drop-down and then setting to “Inactive”.

Please pay attention to how many users you have created in the system, because the active users in the system or at least the number of users specified in the contract are also billed.

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