App for Drivers and Warehousing

Intuitive Android App for an Efficient and Smooth Workflow.

For Drivers and Subcontractors

Receive and Process Orders and Routes.

The Logistiqo app is the perfect tool for your drivers, subcontractors and warehouse personnel. Users benefit from its high level of user-friendliness. The app allows drivers and subcontractors to process their orders and routes quickly and intuitively.

New shipments and routes are transferred to the assigned driver or subcontractor in real time and then performed step-by-step. Drivers also receive the corresponding navigation data for the collection and delivery. Quick and intuitive operation is guaranteed here.
On collection or delivery, the shipper or recipient signs for the collection or delivery and photos of the delivery documents and any damage can be recorded. The signature and photos are uploaded directly to the corresponding order in the shipping software, giving the dispatcher immediate access to the documents.

If required, barcodes can be assigned to the consignment or parcels during collection, enabling them to be scanned and registered with the Logistiqo app. This is ideal for the Courier, Express and Parcel Services. These barcodes are printed with the shipping software in the transhipment warehouse and attached to the consignment, to track it during loading for drop shipment, at other depots and on delivery.

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Warehouse Management and Scanning

All Warehouse Management in One App.

Managing your warehouse has never been so easy and effective as with the Logistiqo app. Logistiqo combines all warehouse processes into one single app: inventory, goods receipt with claims form, deconsolidation, warehousing, order picking, consolidation and palletising. The Logistiqo warehouse management app is especially designed for use with Android smartphones and industrial scanners.

The app can be used for both transhipment warehouses and article warehouses. After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, you can connect to the Logistiqo system at your company and use the app immediately. No time-consuming inductions are needed. Intuitive and secure installation and verification guarantee that your data remains secure.

The Logistiqo app and shipping software regularly receive new automatic updates that are all included in the price. As a young and modern company, Logistiqo thinks innovatively and matches the software solution to your needs, offering you numerous features. By doing so, Logistiqo makes sure you are always one step ahead of the competition and allows you to gain a decisive advantage over your competitors.

Features & Benefits

Features of the App at a Glance

One single app for drivers, subcontractors and warehouse personnel
Easy to use and very user friendly
An integrated database allows you to work offline. The data is transferred afterwards as soon as an Internet connection is established
Send individual orders or optimised routes to your driver or subcontractor
Navigation data for the collection and delivery
Proof of delivery with signature and photo (of the delivery papers, for instance) and immediate transfer to the forwarding software
Multilingual: English, German, Polish, Italian, Lithuanian and many more languages.
Get the actual geolocation displayed
Scanning in the warehouse
Intuitive and secure installation and verification

Your Benefits

The Pros of Logistiqo.

Swift Availability

Register and get working. Regardless of whether you use Logistiqo® for direct deliveries or a warehouse – you will benefit from swift availability. No time-consuming installation is necessary.

Attractive Rental Model

You rent Logistiqo® at attractive and transparent prices. Find out more about the prices yourself or give us a call at +49 (0) 8064 9060090 to find out more about our attractive prices

Remote Working

Home office, vacation, relocation? No problem! With Logistiqo® you are location-independent. You simply log in via a browser and start working parallel and independently with your team.

Automatic Updates

Logistiqo® undergoes constant evolution by means of weekly updates, and virtually all newly developed functions are instantly available to you and all other registered users.

Interested in hearing about the opportunities and possibilities that Logistiqo® opens up for your company?
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