Customer Portal

Order Entry and Status Tracking for Your Customers.

A Log In for Your Customers

Achieve Greater Efficiency through Collaboration.

The logistics industry relies on a permanent exchange of information with customers. Has the shipment already been picked up? What is the status of the shipment? Have the delivery documents been sent? All of these questions can often only be answered in the course of day-to-day operations using countless and repetitive telephone calls.

With external user login for your customers, closer and more efficient collaboration is encouraged and double work steps can be minimized. Simply provide your customers with a login to your Logistiqo freight forwarding software. After logging in, your customers only see their own shipments. You have the option of completely customizing the external user login and adapting it to your corporate identity so that your customers identify with your corporate identity.

You can define different roles the customer access: firstly, you can allow your customer to track the status of their own shipments, and secondly, you can also authorize the customer to enter their own shipments. If a customer has entered a new shipment, you will be informed immediately by email and the order will be highlighted.

A Log In for Your Customers

Features & Benefits

The Customer Portal at a Glance

Order entry and/or status tracking for your customers
Your customers can print labels
Notify customers with automatic emails about status changes
Give customers the opportunity to view their inventory in the warehouse
Share selected and uploaded files with your customers
List with all live orders for your customers
Manage external user access independently
Upload your own logo and define your own corporate identity for the portal
Simply install the login on your own website

The benefits of Logistiqo

Connecting can be so easy.

The advantages of Logistiqo are obvious. Comprehensive functions cover all areas of a modern logistics company, making additional systems obsolete. The web-based platform makes Logistiqo particularly universal and secure because it is accessed using a web browser. At the same time, you no longer have to worry about data backup, as servers and backups are provided by Logistiqo.

The intuitive mode of operation saves time-consuming and expensive training. After registering and setting up, your employees can immediately enjoy the benefits of Logistiqo. With this forward-looking approach, Logistiqo offers far more functionality than its competitors at significantly lower prices. The updates contained in the rental price also make Logistiqo an elegant and low-maintenance system, because you are no need to worry about adapting to current framework conditions or new market demands. You constantly benefit from Logistiqo´s progress. Logistiqo´s many years of experience make us a reliable and efficient partner. At the same time, as a young company, we always have our finger on the pulse and take up developments and changes when you benefit from them.

Your Benefits

The Pros of Logistiqo.

Swift Availability

Swift Availability

Register and get working. Regardless of whether you use Logistiqo for direct deliveries or a warehouse – you will benefit from swift availability. No time-consuming installation is necessary.

Attractive Rental Model

Attractive Rental Model

You rent Logistiqo at attractive and transparent prices. Find out more about the prices yourself or give us a call at +49 (0) 8064 9060090 to find out more about our attractive prices.

Remote Working

Remote Working

Home office, vacation, relocation? No problem! With Logistiqo you are location-independent. You simply log in via a browser and start working parallel and independently with your team.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Logistiqo undergoes constant evolution by means of weekly updates, and virtually all newly developed functions are instantly available to you and all other registered users.

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