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Web-based File Hosting for Logistics

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Are you looking for logistics software that makes managing documents, such as delivery papers and photos of damage, considerably easier for you? If so, web-based document management from Logistiqo comes recommended. Logistiqo represents web-based logistics software that will save you a lot of time and effort in the future. Optimise your internal processes today and make sure of more transparency within the team. With Logistiqo you securely deposit your documents for consignments and are able to share them with your employees or customers and subcontractors.

If you are looking to save yourself a lot of time and effort with order processing in the future, document management from Logistiqo is ideal for your company. The intelligent document management system allows you to easily deposit files by means of drag & drop, as a result of which working complexity up to now, due to manual sorting and retaining for example, can be considerably curtailed. In addition to this possibility, the allocation of documents to consignments can also be performed automatically. To do this, you simply scan in a stack of documents and upload them to Logistiqo. Assisted by barcodes, the forwarding software from Logistiqo then performs allocation to consignments. Photos that have been taken by your drivers using the Logistiqo app (for example, photos of delivery papers or damage) are instantly viewable in Logistiqo in the form of documents. You will never have to search for delivery papers or order inputs again, your documents will never again get lost and you will be able to bill your orders sooner.

Web-based File Hosting for Logistics

Wherever you are located, at whatever time of the day: Thanks to Logistiqo you and your team have around-the-clock access to all uploaded documents – with total ease via a web browser. For example, you retain a permanent overview at various locations or on trips aboard and are able to send your customers the documents by e-mail from any location or make the documents available to your customers in the customer portal, without exiting the intelligent forwarding software from Logistiqo as you do so. You and your team stay on top of things at all times and your data are secure, because besides numerous security precautions Logistiqo also runs hourly backups.

Features & Benefits

Functionality at a Glance

Fast access at any time for all registered users to all of your uploaded documents
Individual document directories for orders, customers, employees and vehicles
Simple upload per drag & drop
Photos that have been taken using the Logistiqo app (for example photos of delivery papers) are instantly viewable in Logistiqo
Automated document scan and document allocation to consignments on the basis of barcodes
Define document type (for example, ‘delivery papers’) on a per-document basis
E-mailing of documents straight out of Logistiqo
Release files for customers in the customer portal
Send uploaded files to the driver‘s app.
Back-ups on Logistiqo servers
Secure and manageable archiving

Utilise Logistiqo with Ease Today

Intelligent Software for Your File Hosting.

One of the features that make Logistiqo so valuable within your haulage company is that the program is constantly updated and new functions are added automatically. The benefit of this to you is that you always work with the latest version and are not obliged to constantly install a new software version manually. Newly developed functions are added on a continuous basis and are instantly available to all registered users. Above all, working in Logistiqo is easy for all users. You only need to register a single time to get started straight away. Use further functions too, such as the Planning and Route Optimisation from Logistiqo. It is not a problem if you cannot find your way around your new document management system straight away, because a comprehensive FAQ is included in the forwarding software and you can obtain advice from our Support at any time.

You do not need to spend a lot of money buying the intelligent program for your document management, because you can easily rent Logistiqo at attractive and transparent prices. We will be pleased to personally inform you about the great opportunity to run up-to-the-minute, swift and intelligent document management using Logistiqo. Simply give us a call or take a moment to send us an e-mail. We will pleased to provide you with detailed advice.

Your Benefits

Why Choose Logistiqo for Your Logistics Needs?

Swift Availability

Swift Availability

Get to work right away with Logistiqo's swift availability. Whether you're using it for direct deliveries or warehousing, there's no need for time-consuming installations. Start streamlining your logistics process today.

Attractive Rental Model

Attractive Rental Model

Logistiqo offers an attractive and transparent rental model with competitive prices. Discover more about our pricing on our website or give us a call at +49 (0) 8064 2769900 to learn more about our rental options.

Remote Working

Remote Working

Work from anywhere via web. Whether you're at home, traveling, or relocating, log in via your browser and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Break free from geographic constraints and increase your productivity today.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Stay up-to-date with Logistiqo's constant evolution through regular updates. All newly developed functions are instantly available to you, making sure you always have the latest and most efficient tools at your disposal.

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