Loading Equipment Management

Full Transparency Concerning all Loading Equipment Procedures in a Single Piece of Web-Based Software.

Logistics Software Comprising Loading Equipment Management

Active Support During All Loading Equipment Transactions.

Loading Equipment Management

Logistiqo represents a web-based full solution for consignments, which actively supports you with loading equipment management and pallet management. The smart logistics software has been specially developed for freight carriers and companies wishing to simplify the organisation and billing of carriers in order to save time, resources and money. With Logistiqo you retain an overview of all transactions. You input what piece of loading equipment is going to be exchanged when and where, and the software does the rest for you.

The web-based logistics software autonomously creates accounts for your freight carriers and companies and runs these accounts automatically. There then follows prompt and intuitive invoice or credit note creation with automated updating of the respective loading equipment account. A beneficial feature: You can manually influence and correct Loading Equipment Management in the event that a credit note or invoice has not been correctly created. You can cancel the relevant procedure with total ease and the relevant loading equipment account will be automatically updated.

With Logistiqo you work conveniently and intuitively. You can use the web-based logistics software immediately after purchase. Logistiqo provides you with IT, server plus a comprehensive database. The costs for this are covered by the rental costs.

Features & Benefits

Loading Equipment Management Functionality

Uncomplicated, clear loading equipment management that is independent of consignment type.
Palettentausch über die Logistiqo App eingeben
Due to the paperless recording of loading equipment, there will be no losses due to lost or not registered loading equipment ever again.
Management of CC containers and all associated parts (trolleys, rods, boards)
Automated and intuitive issuing of invoices and credit notes to subcontractors; it is possible to correct the relevant account at any time.
Cancellation invoices for loading equipment invoices with correction of the account
You can upload and deposit exchange receipts in the form of documents, which increases transparency and manageability.
You send the balance lists for customers and freight carriers by e-mail, fully automatically and with total ease.
Accounts for freight carriers, companies and drivers are automatically created during transactions
The Loading Equipment Management can also be used fully independently from consignments.
Comprehensive statistics and analysis

Further Functions of the Online Logistics Software

Numerous Functions that Offer You Direct Added Value

With Logistiqo you get forwarding software that offers you countless options and possibilities – united in one web-based full solution. For example, the software supports you during Planning and Optimisation. You can also have your routes optimised according to desired criteria. During order processing Logistiqo supports you with planning your routes more manageably and processing your orders more efficiently. Allow Logistiqo to support you with your Warehouse Management and find out what you have in storage where, at any time. The Document Management option supports you in allocating orders correctly, among other measures.

In matters of Accounting, Logistiqo helps you to bill all your consignments in just three clicks – entirely regardless of where in the world you currently find yourself. Thanks to the real-time analysis option, you can monitor performance within your company and are thus able to detect trends sooner. The Telematics and GPS function enables you to find out – without having to make a phone call – whether your driver has already arrived at your customer’s site.

There are now all kinds of software for loading equipment management and palette management on the market. Nevertheless, most programs are not worth recommending, because they are too complicated or offer too few functions to actually make loading equipment management easier for you. Logistiqo, on the other hand, brings along many benefits. For example, more functions and operating it is a piece of cake. Another practical feature is regular updates, meaning that the software is always current and does not need constant re-installation.

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Your Benefits

Why Choose Logistiqo for Your Logistics Needs?

Swift Availability

Swift Availability

Get to work right away with Logistiqo's swift availability. Whether you're using it for direct deliveries or warehousing, there's no need for time-consuming installations. Start streamlining your logistics process today.

Attractive Rental Model

Attractive Rental Model

Logistiqo offers an attractive and transparent rental model with competitive prices. Discover more about our pricing on our website or give us a call at +49 (0) 8064 2769900 to learn more about our rental options.

Remote Working

Remote Working

Work from anywhere via web. Whether you're at home, traveling, or relocating, log in via your browser and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Break free from geographic constraints and increase your productivity today.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Stay up-to-date with Logistiqo's constant evolution through regular updates. All newly developed functions are instantly available to you, making sure you always have the latest and most efficient tools at your disposal.

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