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Transparency in Your Warehouse Management

All Warehouse Stocks on View at All Times.

In Logistiqo you can work with two variants of efficient warehouse management: First, you utilise Warehouse Management for one or a number of transshipment warehouses: you therefore accept large or small quantities of goods without product number or management in the warehouse at short notice, register the entry in Logistiqo and assign the goods to a space by means of scanning. Using the forwarding software from Logistiqo you are constantly up to date on how large the stock is, where it comes from, where it is stored and when it is likely to leave the warehouse again. Upon subsequent warehouse exit the consignments are scheduled in a route manifest or delivery manifest or scanned.

The second variant is that you utilise Warehouse Management for a product warehouse with chaotic warehousing. The particular feature of dynamic warehousing is that the products are not allocated to any fixed storage space and are constantly on the move during storage. In Logistiqo, full product management is available to you for this purpose. You can utilise the Logistiqo app in order to scan and register goods entries and exits, consolidation, deconsolidation and order picking. Using the freight forwarding software you can quickly and transparently see which storage space the product is currently located at, how long it has already been in the warehouse and when it is likely to leave the warehouse again. In this context, it is important to capture all products using the warehouse management software.

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Both storage variants can be set up quickly and easily and offer you smooth and gapless management of your warehouse. Using the warehouse management software you can now offer your customers outstanding service with punctual and error-free deliveries. Save on server, IT and network costs: The logistics software is provided to you on our server, which means that you can open the web-based forwarding software for your warehouse stock using a browser anywhere in the world, and have free access to Warehouse Management.

Features & Benefits

Warehouse Management Functionality

Fast order capture of warehouse orders
Android app for inventory, goods entries and exits, consolidation, deconsolidation, order picking and packaging
Transshipment warehouse with real-time monitoring for short-term acceptance of large goods quantities
Product warehouse with product management, parts lists, warehouse stocks and storage place management
FIFO (First in, first out) and LIFO (Last in, first out)
Path optimisation within the warehouse
Customer portal for order recording and monitoring and inspection of warehouse stocks
Recording of damage and quantity deviations with the aid of the Logistiqo app
Printing of warehouse certificates and barcodes
Comprehensive billing options

Additional Functions

Utilise Further Functions of the Transport Management System

Use the forwarding software to benefit from further efficient functions. In order to be able to offer your customers a full service, Logistiqo not only offers the possibility of effective and organised warehouse management.
Using the software, you also have the possibility to process your orders, co-ordinate the locations of your loading equipment or track the current location of your driver via GPS. With the Route Planning and Optimisation function, delayed deadlines are a thing of the past from now on. Plan your drivers’ routes directly in the web-based forwarding software. Efficient planning means that you can reduce journey costs, take the load off your employees and enhance productivity within your company. Additionally, your drivers can directly upload photographed transport damage, delivery papers and other delivery comments to the Logistiqo software app.

Your Benefits

Why Choose Logistiqo for Your Logistics Needs?

Swift Availability

Swift Availability

Get to work right away with Logistiqo's swift availability. Whether you're using it for direct deliveries or warehousing, there's no need for time-consuming installations. Start streamlining your logistics process today.

Attractive Rental Model

Attractive Rental Model

Logistiqo offers an attractive and transparent rental model with competitive prices. Discover more about our pricing on our website or give us a call at +49 (0) 8064 2769900 to learn more about our rental options.

Remote Working

Remote Working

Work from anywhere via web. Whether you're at home, traveling, or relocating, log in via your browser and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Break free from geographic constraints and increase your productivity today.

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Stay up-to-date with Logistiqo's constant evolution through regular updates. All newly developed functions are instantly available to you, making sure you always have the latest and most efficient tools at your disposal.

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