Dynamic and Automatic Route Planning and Dispatching.

Dispatch Optimized Tours

Automatically Plan and Optimize Stops in Seconds.


Using the forwarding software from Logistiqo you can plan and optimise an unlimited number of stops in seconds. The planning of routes enables you to merge different orders, so that you can devise the most efficient route for the day route.

You can either directly assign your consignments to a vehicle, driver or sub-contractor or plan the consignment in one route. The routes can be compiled and planned in Logistiqo via a map, via lists or via the planning board. You define the sequence of stops by means of drag & drop.
However, this way of manually deciding the sequence of stops driven to during the route can be hugely cumbersome and time-consuming. Lots of valuable working time and hence money can be wasted in this manner. In addition, poorly optimised routes cost fuel and time, among other factors.
With the aid of intuitive route optimisation you reduce journey costs and perform more stops within a shorter period.

The software relieves you of the task of calculating the number of kilometres and the duration between each stop. You have the option to define the duration, respectively the time slot per individual stop. The intermediate stops can also be individually defined, for potential transshipment or a break for your driver.

Features & Benefits

Dispatching and Route Optimization Functionality

Automatically schedule an unlimited number of stops in a matter of seconds.
Automatic optimization of tours with various parameters and criteria: time window; Maximum driving time; Parking spaces; Volume; Weight and much more
Printouts for consignment notes, manifests and loading lists
Send the optimized manifest to the Logistiqo driver app
Kilometre and time calculation between each stop
Indication of duration, respectively time slot per stop
Creation of collection manifests, route manifests and delivery manifests
Draw rings around stops to select them on maps
Visual depiction of the route on a map with linear distance and proposed route between the stops
Manual processing of the sequence of stops in the route by means of drag & drop
Definable intermediate stops, for example for transshipment or break

Benefits of Dispatching

What Are the Benefits of the automated Dispatching?

In order to satisfy customer requirements, it is important that processes are perfectly matched and deadlines are scheduled as desired. The Planning and Route Optimisation in Logistiqo will support you in optimally planning your routes in line with numerous criteria. Route planning therefore plays a very important role in logistics. With the assistance of the forwarding software from Logistiqo you can plan your routes efficiently and intuitively, while additionally reducing your running costs and saving valuable time that was previously wasted due to incorrect route planning.

Once you have optimised the routes, the route is transmitted to the Logistiqo driver app. This means that your drivers will always have an overview of your routes and will be able to react swiftly to changes at short notice. Your advantage is that you can track your driver’s route and thus obtain a real-time overview.

However, using the logistics software from Logistiqo you will not only be able to optimally plan your routes – you will also be able to use it to process your orders or manage your warehouse. As an additional function, the software offers you the opportunity to professionally manage loading equipment, find out the current location of your drivers via GPS and manage your documents in the program.
Accounting can also be performed using the forwarding software. The software also offers a very useful function for detecting trends sooner and reacting to them promptly. With the aid of real-time data and various analysis tools, Logistiqo supplies you with precise information.

Your Benefits

The Pros of Logistiqo.

Swift Availability

Register and get working. Regardless of whether you use Logistiqo® for direct deliveries or a warehouse – you will benefit from swift availability. No time-consuming installation is necessary.

Attractive Rental Model

You rent Logistiqo® at attractive and transparent prices. Find out more about the prices yourself or give us a call at +49 (0) 8064 9060090 to find out more about our attractive prices

Remote Working

Home office, vacation, relocation? No problem! With Logistiqo® you are location-independent. You simply log in via a browser and start working parallel and independently with your team.

Automatic Updates

Logistiqo® undergoes constant evolution by means of weekly updates, and virtually all newly developed functions are instantly available to you and all other registered users.

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