Order Processing

Process and monitor orders conveniently and concisely

Capture and process consignments

Order processing has never been more laid-back.

In Logistiqo, input is performed in an input mask configured by you, in which you can configure virtually all the fields yourself. For example, it may be that it is irrelevant for your company to input loading metres, but you will need to input dimensional volume. As an alternative to manual order input, you can also import your orders automatically. Interfaces are available for this purpose, Fortras for example. The interfaces make it possible to integrate your customers’ and partners’ order and route data directly into the forwarding software from Logistiqo. Once the order is in the system, there are numerous possible ways of proceeding. The orders can be planned in a route, for example, or sold directly to a sub-contractor, including haulage, via e-mail. Alternatively, you can send the order to your driver’s , for example, or sold directly to a sub-contractor, including haulage, via e-mail. Alternatively, you can send the order to your driver’s App and monitor the consignment status and current location live in Logistiqo.

In Order Processing, you can additionally compile templates for consignments and you can copy consignments too. This feature makes completion considerably more easy and has the advantage of an enormous time saving. Basic functions, such as offer preparation and management, can of course also be found in the order processing for consignments.

Your advantage with the software from Logistiqo is that you are able to deposit an unlimited number of consignors, consignees and services in a single consignment. There is also no limit to the number of customers and freight carriers, respectively debtors and creditors per consignment.

Order Processing Forwarding Software

Features & Benefits

Order Processing functionality

Offer preparation and management
Unlimited number of consignors, consignees and services per consignment
Templates for consignments and copies of consignments
Customer portal for order capture and monitoring
Send consignments by e-mail to customer (order confirmation) and sub-contractor (transport order) and send consignments to the Logistiqo driver app
An unlimited number of customers and freight carriers, respectively debtors and creditors can be input per consignment
Flat rates and/or automatic price calculations on the basis of price lists
Sub-contractor portal in which your sub-contractors can maintain their own corporate data and indicate the consignment status
Claims administration and complaints
Status tracking with automatic update mail to customer
Import of consignments, among others in Excel format or CSV format via JSON, FTP server or e-mail
FORTRAS interface for import of consignments and status notification
Interfaces to freight exchange forums, including Timocom

Benefits of Optimised Order Processing

How you and your customers can benefit from order processing.

Your customers have a dedicated customer portal at their disposal, in which they can capture and track orders. Additionally, your customers can automatically receive the order confirmation and status changes via e-mail. The order processing for consignments also includes a function for Claims Administration and Complaints. This also represents a service to your customers, as this way you retain the full overview of claims incidents and are able to manage incoming complaints in detail.

The automation provided to you by the forwarding software from Logistiqo reduces errors and costs within your company. With Order Processing, orders can be created quickly and error-free. Once all order data have been captured in Order Processing, the data are available to Planning and Route Optimisation for further processing.

Using the Order Processing for consignments from Logistiqo you will manage your orders more efficiently than ever before. The forwarding software is quick to set up and you will very soon find your way around it. Once you have obtained your access, you can start managing your consignments and benefiting from the software’s intuitive operation straight away.

Your Benefits

The pros of Logistiqo.

Swift availability

Swift availability

Register and get working. Regardless of whether you use Logistiqo® for direct journeys or a product warehouse – you will benefit from swift provision. No complex installation necessary.

Attractive rental model

Attractive rental model

You rent Logistiqo® at attractive and transparent prices. Give us a call at +49 8064-9060090 to find out more about our attractive prices or send us an e-mail.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates

Logistiqo® undergoes constant evolution by means of updates, making virtually all newly developed functions instantly available to you and all other registered users.

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