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Enter pallet exchange

To enter a pallet exchange for a shipment, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to “Shipments>Shipment” in the menu.
  2. In the table below, select the shipment for which you want to enter the pallet exchange.
  3. In the shipment, click “File>Pallet Exchange”. A pop-up opens.
  4. Enter the relevant data in the fields. Here are some explanations and special features:
    1. “Carrier” field: If you have entered a subcontractor in the shipment, the subcontractor will be suggested as the carrier. If you have not entered a subcontractor in the shipment, your own company is defined as the carrier.
    2. Unit type” field: In the drop-down all loading device types that can be exchanged are suggested, usually and “Euro pallet” specified as standard. Otherwise you can add additional units under “Master data>Unit” for the pallet exchange.
    3. “Location” field: You can choose between all address senders and receivers of the shipment whether the pallet exchange happened at the loading or unloading location.
    4. “Vehicle” and “Driver” fields: The data from the shipment is taken over, but the data can be overwritten manually.
  5. After you have filled all fields with data, click on “Save”. You can now see the pallet exchange in the table below.
  6. If you want to enter another pallet exchange, click “New” and complete all the fields again and then save.
  7. The pallet account of the carrier and the customer are updated for each transaction entered. If no pallet account has been created for the carrier or the customer, it will be created automatically.

You can also enter the pallet exchange without a shipment. To do this, go to “More>Pallet Exchange” in the menu and follow the explanation above.

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