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Add surcharges or discounts to a shipment.

Learn how you can add surcharges or discounts to a shipment in just a few steps using the Logistiqo logistics software.

  1. Go to the “Shipments>Shipment” in the menu.
  2. Then select the desired shipment from the table below that should receive a surcharge or discount or create a new shipment.
  3. In the shipment, click on the folder button on the far right in the “Service” line.
  4. A drop-down opens. Select “Add surcharge” here.
  5. A new line “Surcharge” appears.
  6. Select a surcharge / discount that you have previously saved and add a description.
  7. If no percentage has been saved, enter the desired surcharge or discount as a percentage or based on all services together.

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