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Create and prioritize dunning levels.

As a standard, two different dunning texts, each with three dunning levels, are created in Logistiqo. The following explains how additional dunning levels can be added to a dunning text and how an order for the dunning levels can be defined.

  1. Go to “Accountancy>Reminder>Remider Levels” in the menu.
  2. Select a reminder text in the table below.
  3. In the open reminder text, the table contains the reminder levels that have already been created. To create another reminder level here, click on “New>Reminder level” in the toolbar.
  4. You can now define all fields such as “Base amount”, “Dunning charge fix“, “Reminder text 1 and 2″ etc.
  5. To prioritize the reminder level, use the “Reminder level” field. For example, if you enter “1” in the dunning level field, the selected dunning level is always the first dunning level, followed by dunning levels “2” and “3” etc.
  6. After making the changes and creating the dunning level, save the dunning text by clicking “Save” in the toolbar.

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