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Re-invoice a shipment from a canceled invoice

If you want to re-invoice a shipment from a canceled invoice in Logistiqo’s freight forwarding software, please follow these instructions.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. In Logistiqo, go to “Shipments>Shipment” in the menu.
  2. Open the filter function in the toolbar. Select “Canceled” in the filter and then click “Submit”. The canceled shipments are now displayed in the lower table, the so-called shipment table.
  3. In the table, select the canceled shipment that belonged to the canceled invoice.
  4. Copy the shipment by clicking on “File> Copy” in the top bar. IMPORTANT: The “Canceled” status of the shipment is not copied.
  5. You can now change all data in the shipment, e.g. the customer reference or the amount. Save the new, copied shipment after the changes by clicking on “Save”. After saving, the shipment receives a shipment number.
  6. The copied shipment, where all details are the same, except the shipment number and status, can now be re-invoiced as usual.

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