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Search shipments and find shipments.

If a shipment cannot be found, it may be due to your personal table and filter settings or the user settings.

Personal table and filter settings

  1. Go to the program “Shipments>Shipments”.
  2. In the table you can search for all shipments.
  3. Use e.g. the “Number” field and enter a specific order number.
    If your shipment is not included, there may be transactions associated with the order. The shipment can e.g. be invoiced or canceled, or there is a delivery confirmation.

    1. Click on the filter function in the toolbar. You can use the filter function to filter what is shown in the shipment table.
    2. Select the radio button “All” and, if desired, set a specific period. At the same time, check all other filter settings whether they make sense: Is the date set correctly? Are all shipments from all depots displayed?
    3. Click on “Submit”.
    4. Now try again to find the shipment using the table.

As an alternative to the procedure described above, you can always search for all existing shipments under “Shipments>Archive”. In the archive, all your shipments are displayed in the table at all times.

User settings

As an administrator, you can set and manage user accounts. If shipments are not displayed to a user, you should check the user account of the user in the shipping software.

  1. Go to “System>User” in the menu.
  2. Select the user for whom the programs are not displayed.
  3. Check the following:
    1. Has the correct client role been saved?
    2. Has the right role been selected?
    3. Have you specified and selected the correct depot? Can the user see shipments from all depots or only the selected ones?
    4. If all settings have been corrected, save the user and test again whether all programs are now displayed.

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