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Settlement by credit note procedure

If you do not write invoices to a specific customer, but instead receive credit notes from them and want to enter and clear them in Logistiqo, create a so-called credit note settlement according to the credit note procedure and thus make your settlement. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Define customers for credit note procedures:
    1. Go to “Contacts>Company” in the menu.
    2. In the table, select the customer for whom you want to create a credit note settlement.
    3. Check the “Credit process” box and save the change.
  2. Shipments for credit note procedure:
    1. Go to “Shipments>Shipment” in the menu.
    2. Create a shipment for the customer for whom you have saved “credit process”. You do not have to save the shipment now.
      You can now see in the right-hand box in the shipment that there is a check mark “Credit process”. This means that this shipment is billed using a credit note procedure. By removing the tick, you can also make exceptions if a shipment is to be billed using a regular invoice instead of using a credit note procedure.
  3. Create credit note settlement:
    1. Go to “Accountancy>Debtors>Invoice registry” in the menu.
    2. Select the table “Shipments Credit Note” as the table at the top right. Attention: This table can only be selected if there are shipments for which the “Credit process” check box is set.
    3. You can now select shipments below, just like when creating invoices, and create a credit notee settlement by clicking “New”.
      (See also FAQ Create Invoice)

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