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Taxable and tax-free services in one invoice

In order to bill taxable and tax-free services in a shipment and/or in an invoice in Logistiqo’s logistics software, set the respective service accordingly and proceed as follows:

  1. Go to “Master data>Service” in the menu.
  2. In the table below, select the service that should be tax-free or create a new service that should be tax-free.
  3. Check the “Overwrite revenue account” checkbox.
  4. Select a tax-free accounting template from the “Accounting Templates Revenue” drop-down. If a tax-free accounting template does not yet exist or has been created, proceed as follows:
    1. Go to “Settings>Accountancy>Accounting template” in the menu.
    2. Click “New” in the toolbar to create a new booking template.
    3. Select “Revenue” as the type in the accounting template and name the booking template e.g. “Default tax free”.
    4. For all accounts, choose an account where the VAT rate is “Tax Free”.
    5. Save the newly created accounting template.
    6. Go back to “Master data>Service”.
  5. Now store the booking template you just created in the service and save the service. You have now created a tax-free service. The VAT from this service is automatically shown separately on an invoice. It does not matter whether the VAT-free service is in the same shipment as the VAT-liable service or whether it is in a different shipment.

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